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As you know, there are many Window Cleaning and Eavestrough Cleaning companies doing business in Toronto.  However, all are not the same.  Some come, some go.  Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning Inc. has been in business since 1989, and as should be obvious, we plan on staying a while.  What makes us different?  You compare:

  • For your protection, we are fully Bonded and Insured.

  • If you are simply "shopping for low prices", may we suggest that you read no further and shop somewhere else, because we realise that our prices are NOT the lowest.  However, if it's quality you want, that is where we come into the picture, by providing the best possible cleaning experience.  Let's face it, in this world, you get what you pay for.  Please continue reading.

  • When an appointment is made, we WILL show up.  If it is not possible due to weather, etc..., you WILL be notified beforehand.

  • Since it is easy to forget about scheduling regular cleaning, we eliminate the problem by always providing a friendly reminder phone call or email.

  • Save 50% with a unique Program.  See here for details.

  • While you are free to send a cheque by mail for services rendered, you can save time, postage, envelopes, even the cost of cheques, etc..., with our fast and easy, "Online Payment Centre", not to mention the added bonus of benefiting from your favorite Credit Card's reward program.

  • Do you feel uncomfortable having someone snoop around your home in order to get a quote for a service?  How many companies will allow you to obtain your own window cleaning and/or eavestrough cleaning quote, in the privacy of your own home?  We give you this opportunity with our unique "Do-It-Yourself Cleaning Estimate Calculator".  Of course, if you prefer on onsite quote, we would be happy to do so.
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  • We offer a glimpse of our appointment schedule so that you can see first-hand if a particular date is available with our "Online Scheduler".   Simply make your request and we will do our best to fulfill it.

  • If possible, we use a technique for eavestrough cleaning which provides much better results, as it eliminates almost all debris, including roof shingle granules.

  • We are proud to be the Toronto Dealer chosen for the installation of a time-tested, product called, Gutter Filter, which eliminates the need for eavestrough cleaning. Yes, never clean your eavestroughs again!  Guaranteed.  Gutter Filter even helps protects your family from the threat of West Nile Virus!
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  • Have you ever had a window cleaner ask for access to your water supply in order to clean your windows?  We believe this is an unnecessary burden upon you, therefore, we come fully prepared with our own special cleaning solution.

  • We have many years of experience.  Therefore, we know how to deal with different types of dirt.  A Window Cleaner with a lack of experience and expertise often scratches precious windows.  Fortunately for you, we are NOT practicing.

  • Our Associates wear uniforms so that you know who is on your property.
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  • Our Associates are constantly keeping up to date with the latest products, technologies, and techniques.

  • Our Associates are always clean-cut in appearance, friendly, non-smokers, cautious with your property, and never use coarse language.

  • We pride ourselves in that our clients trust us enough to enter their residence or business even when nobody is present.  Unlike some Window Cleaning companies and Eavestrough Cleaning companies, none of us are ex-cons.

  • When we walk inside your property, our shoes/boots come off.  We treat your property as if it were our own.
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  • We always use drop cloths in order to avoid the possibility of drippings on carpets, floors, etc...  We have inherited and keep many clients as a result of such care.  Other companies may avoid such simple steps in order to cut time, but is it worth it?

  • We use special rubber pads on our ladders to avoid the possibility of damaging window sills/frames, and eavestroughs.

  • We have specially designed water containers.  This eliminates the need for buckets carried throughout your home which can cause unnecessary damage.

  • We use environmentally safe cleaning products.

  • Since worn out squeegee rubbers do an inferior window cleaning job, we regularly replace them to always ensure a "job well done".

  • We make sure that no water residue remains on window frame corners.  It takes more time to do so, but it eliminates the possibility of drip marks on your cleaned windows.
    Window cleaning toronto.

  • Many of these steps require more time on our part, and more expense, but we know that the end result speaks for itself.

  • And most importantly, as far as we know, we are the only company that guarantees your satisfaction.  You do not pay until you are completely happy with the cleaning results.  Of course, this is within reason.  For example, if your windows or eavestroughs are defective in any way, all the cleaning in the world will not help.

Please give us a try.  We know you will be more than satisfied.