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Eavestroughs are part of a home that many owners pay little attention to...until its too late, when they discover that the thousands of dollars in water damage was directly due to eavestrough maintenance neglect.

The truth is that eavestroughs are installed on homes for a reason, and that reason is to control the flow of water and divert it to a safe location.  Unfortunately, eavestroughs become very easily clogged due to the constant barrage of debris falling into them, namely, flowers and seed pods in the spring and summer, leaves in the fall, and snow in the winter, not to mention tree branches all year-round, and gifts that birds and other animals leave behind.

In view of this, Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning recommends that eavestrough cleaning be done a minimum of two times per year, not just in the fall, as most homeowners do.  As a money saving option, and all year round protection, we also recommend a system like Gutter Filter, as it eliminates to need to ever clean eavestroughs again.

Additionally, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care encourages regular cleaning of your eavestrough as a means of protection against West Nile Virus because 60% or more of mosquitoes in your neighborhood come from clogged eavestroughs, or even badly sloped eavestroughs.  Note that it is 100% impossible for mosquitoes to breed in an eavestrough with Gutter Filter installed.

Keep Eavestroughs clean, or even better, have Gutter Filter installed, and be safe. toronto window cleaning toronto eavestrough cleaning

Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning uses Professional Eavestrough Cleaners and equipment.  We will analyze what is required and render the appropriate cleaning.  If possible, we prefer to use our unique cleaning system which removes the most clogging causing debris.  We will also customize your cleaning needs as you wish.

We provide Eavestrough cleaning services in the following fields:

  • Retail

  • Commercial

  • Residential toronto window cleaning toronto eavestrough cleaning

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Never Clean Your Eavestroughs Again! Guaranteed.

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Jon Eakes - Home Improvement & Product Expert. Canada's Latest National Endorser.NEW FOR 2010, Home Improvement and Product Expert, Jon Eakes of radio (CJAD 800), TV Personality and Spokesperson (HGTV and the DIY Network), becomes the National Endorser for Gutter Filter after testing the product on his home and experiencing first-hand the superiority of Gutter Filter over the competition.  Read his product review at

Jon Eakes has over 30 years of experience in the home improvement business and is the longest running, still-standing TV and radio home improvement guy in North America!

Here is an audio clip of his Gutter Filter review - INTERVIEW.MP3

Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning is proud to be the Toronto Dealer chosen for the installation of a time-tested, product called, Gutter Filter.  Consider just a few of its advantages:Gutter Filter Toronto

  • Does not detract from the visible appeal of your home because it's invisible from ground level
  • Cost up to 80% less than other protection systems
  • Prevents birds and bees from entering and breeding
  • The only product on the market that is 100% effective in preventing mosquitoes from entering and breeding
  • Cannot be damaged by trees, wind, ice and snow
  • Won’t crack, stretch, shrink, crumble, dent, bend, or cave in
  • Completely seals out leaves and debris
  • Will not void roof warranty because there are no screws or nails required
  • Inherent properties prevent fungus, mould, or mildew from forming
  • Allows an enormous volume of water to flow through quickly (over 10 times normal rainfall)
  • Eliminates costly ice damming by keeping eavestroughs free flowing year round
  • Extends the life expectancy of current eavestroughs
  • Improves with age
  • Lifetime No-Clog Warranty

These are only a fraction of the many benefits of Gutter Filter

We have installed many Gutter / Eavestrough protection type products over the years and have found Gutter Filter to be by far the best currently on the market.

For a brochure about Gutter Filter™, click here.

For those wishing to educate themselves further about Gutter Filter, we are pleased to provide approximately 20 minutes of high quality video available online in our "Password Protected Area" (See Privacy Policy below).  The video clips provide opportunity to see Gutter Filter™ in action, how it handles extreme seasonal changes, cost information, and more.  We are confident that the video clips and webpage content will answer most, if not all, of your questions about the Gutter Filter™ product. 

Click on the following link for a low quality sample of one of the video files available for review.

Click here for Gutter Filter™ Introduction Video Sample
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Introduction - (2:26) Dial-up Hi-speed
Debris Handling - (2:18) Dial-up Hi-speed
Water Flow, Roof Pitch and Filtering - (2:30) Dial-up Hi-speed
Stop Mosquito Breeding, and More - (1:29) Dial-up Hi-speed
30 Year Durability - (1:23) Dial-up Hi-speed
Winter Advantages - (1:55) Dial-up Hi-speed
Innovative Design - (1:22) Dial-up Hi-speed
Lifetime No Clog Warranty - (1:31) Dial-up Hi-speed
Installation Advantages - (2:16) Dial-up Hi-speed
True Cost of Maintenance - (2:15) Dial-up Hi-speed
No More Outdated Technology - (2:50) Dial-up Hi-speed



There are currently a number of companies promoting Gutter Filter type products.  Please be warned that although these filters look similar, the manufacturing process is quite different, no matter what is said to the contrary and no matter what warranty is offered.  While the cheaper imitations do allow the consumer to save a few dollars, remember, you get what you pay for.  Below is an example of a cheap imitation that had to be removed in order to install what should have been installed in the first place, namely,
the official Gutter Filter

Don't be fooled by imitations!

Click on the pictures below to see what happens to cheap imitations
that do not have the same inherent properties as
the official Gutter Filter

The lack of Biocide allow the seeds to sprout, actually allowing the foam to be used as a growing medium.

Notice the roots have totally nestled their way through the filter.

Lesson: Avoid imitations!

Cheap imitations promote the growth of mildew, bacteria and mold. Would you want this growing in YOUR eavestroughs?

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