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Toronto Window Cleaning

Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning and Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning services since 1989. Window cleaner provided by Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning. Since 1989, Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning, Toronto Division, has grown by over 1,000% with an unusually loyal customer base who prefer our services over other cleaning companies. Why?  We believe this outstanding growth is due to out reputation of giving customers quality services with a friendly and courteous attitude. We have the experience to know what the customer wants and do whatever is required to make the them happy. We can be contacted for your Toronto Window Cleaning Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning needs for residential or commercial services in one of the following ways: GTA................416-751-5546,, Fax.................416-751-7334.
Our address is: 5 Joy Drive, Scarborough, Ontario, M1R 3H6.

Window Cleaning Toronto

Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning has been in business since 1989. We started with window cleaning but expanded to include eavestrough cleaning and repair as well. Our window cleaners are constantly keeping up to date with the latest products, technologies, and techniques. We pride ourselves in that our clients trust us enough to enter their residence or company even when nobody is present in order to take care of their Toronto window Cleaning Toronto Eavestrough cleaning service needs.  Since worn out squeegee rubbers do an inferior job, a window cleaner who regularly replaces them always ensures a "job well done". Unlike some cleaning companies, none of our window cleaners are ex-cons. Would YOU want an ex-con window cleaner doing YOUR Toronto residential window cleaning, or Toronto eavestrough cleaning service?

Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning Toronto

  For Toronto window cleaning, we use only a Professional window cleaner, for Toronto eavestrough cleaning, we use only a Professional eavestrough cleaner, including equipment. Eavestrough repair services also available.  We will analyze what is required and render the appropriate cleaning service.  Never clean your eavestroughs again!  New for Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning is a product called, Gutter Filter, which will eliminate eavestrough cleaning for at least 20 years.  If possible, we prefer to use our unique eavestrough cleaning system which removes the most clogging causing debris.  We can also customize your Toronto window cleaning Toronto eavestrough cleaning needs as you wish. We do Retail, Commercial, and Residential.

Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning Toronto Division

Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning provides the following service: window cleaning, eavestrough cleaning, eavestrough repair, skylight, solarium, storm, screen, mirror, glass cleaning, our newest addition is housekeeping services, and more.  We have unique franchise opportunities too. Please feel free to make enquiries. Whether one window or many windows, one eavestrough or many eavestroughs, we will clean them all. At present, we service the following areas: Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Ajax, Pickering. Please do not forget about our franchise opportunity! For your convenience, we are online with Shop in Canada - at, Home and Garden Services Listing, and Business Services Listing.  We can also be found at - Canada's online directories at, Business Services Listing, and Home and Garden Services Listing.

Toronto Window Cleaning Toronto

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Thank you for considering Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning, your Toronto Window Cleaning, Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning / Repair Specialist.